Friday, February 27, 2009

G-Shock x Alife x Colette


Alife and G-Shock have teamed together again on a Parisian edition of the G-Shock 75 with a little help from colette. White and limited to 40 pieces, this precious Casio is signed “Alife” and “Paris” on the bracelet and “75” on the dial. Exclusively at colette.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

25th Anniversary Rising White G-Shock DW-5025B

In 2007 Casio started releasing special series for the 25th anniversary of G-Shock. In May the Dawn Black series saw daylight, in August it was the Rising White series. In this last series there was a DW-5000 re-issue and even a DW-5700C re-issue.

Both models, the DW-5025B-7JR and DW-5725B-7JR have a "screwback". This type of back screws into the case, which is made of metal. Most modern G-Shocks have a resin case and the back plate is tightened to the case with 4 screws.

Sometimes there are debates which tighten method is better, but if the seal is greased properly I doubt there is a real difference. Screwbacks are often preferred, because they just look better. Bear in mind water pressure pushes the back harder to the case, so even a 4 screw back is save.

The DW-5025B shows the design around the display as the original 1st G-Shock model, released in 1983. It shows a brick structure. Although the text "WATER RESIST 20 BAR" suggest this is a Japan only design, it was also released in the US. This model was also available at for the European market. This is where mine came from.

In contrary to the original model, this DW-5025B has no light bulb, but an Electro-Luminescent backlight.The module used in this and the DW-5725B model, the 1545, is the same module that is used for the common DW-5600E.

The watch is, like the name of the series already says, white. The visible metal parts are in gold tones, the buckle, screwback and bezel screws. You see this on the other 25th Anniversary series too. The case itself is just in silver tone stainless steel. The display is a reversed type. It gives a nice harp contrast to the white bezel and straps. Most lettering and lining around the display are in gold tone and so are the digits.

Reversed or negative displays look very cool. It often gives a digital watch a more mysterious dark look. A down side is these displays are harder to read in dim light. I remember that I wore a DW-003TL once with such display, while driving my car in bad and dark weather. Due to the viewing angle and bad light, it was impossible to read time.

I need to say the negative display on the DW-5025B is very sharp and has a large viewing angle. Maybe Casio has improved the readability in the past years.

The backlight is in a green tone, which looks very nice. It does not remind you to the bluish backlights on cheaper digital watches.

The screwback shows the G-Shock logo that Eric Haze designed for the 25th Anniversary. I have a dog tag with the same logo on it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

I.C.E.R.C. x G-Shock DW-9701K Gulfman


DSC03373.jpg picture by topher1254

DSC03375.jpg picture by topher1254

I.C.E.R.C. stands for the International Cetacean Education and Research Centers.

DSC03374.jpg picture by topher1254

DSC03377.jpg picture by topher1254

Casio puts out a special limited edition when I.C.E.R.C. organizes during the International Dolphin and Whale Research Network , and then donates the profits/proceeds to benefit the groups.

DSC03376.jpg picture by topher1254
"All As One" is actually a song made by a group named "Love Notes". They created a music promotional video for the single "All As One" in 1996, and the video was to be released in March. In May, I.C.E.R.C. made "All As One" their official theme song. Here is an extract of the lyrics that show (most likely) why the song was chosen:

"Long long time ago we were One.
As a member of the natural kingdom
we were in perfect harmony with all beings.
We spoke with the plants,
danced with the dolphins
and sang with the whales.
We were all One Family."

DSC03378.jpg picture by topher1254
This shows the very unique titanium caseback of the I.C.E.R.C. Gulfman with the logo for the International Dolphin and Whale Research Network.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Casio G-Shock DW-6620-2 Blue Scorpion on Fire

The DW6600 has been one of the most popular G-Shock models worldwide ever. Along with the DW5600 and the DW6900, you can find it on the wrists of soldiers, policemen, firemen, paramedics, and all sort of professionals that need a dependable and rugged timepiece. You can find it on many laymen wrists too.

The DW6600 is a basic functions G-Shock: it has standard timekeeping with day, month, and date; a daily alarm, a 60 minutes countdown timer, and a 24 hours chronograph. Its basic version in black resin can be found very cheap in all sorts of online and real life stores.

There is an outstanding characteristic in the 6600: It has the most bright electroluminiscent backlight that you will ever see on any G-Shock. And rightly so, because this was the first G-Shock model that used the concept when Casio released it. It is something of a lantern, and you can almost read a book at night with it if you want.

Although it is a popular model, Casio has not use it as extensively as the DW5600 or the DW6900 for special editions. So when recently I saw a post about a DW6600 with a Scorpion background silhouette on the display in WUS G-Shock Forum, I, as they say, pulled the trigger. And I didn't regret it.

According to the G-Shock Perfect Bible 1983-2007 (Gakken Mook, Tokyo, 2007), the DW6620-2 (this model's exact number) appeared on November 1995. I was lucky to find a New Old Stock one, so its condition is excellent, but for a little yellowing on its clear blue resin strap.

This particular Scorpion is a Japanese edition, so as in others G-Shocks for the domestic market it has the words Fox Fire on its dial as reference to its backlight system (for export models have the word Electro Luminiscent Backlight, instead). Fox Fire is the designation of the bio-luminiscence emitted by some kind of forest fungus, and its blue tone is almost equal to Casio backlight's.

The 6620 Scorpion is a nice Spring time model, and its backlight is unique.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Alife State of Mind Casio G-Shock DW-5600

alife state mind casio gshock watch 1 Alife State of Mind G Shock 5600

On Monday July 14th 2008, ALIFE hosted a private music session for the record release of QB’s own, NAS.

In conjunction with the session, ALIFE collaborated with CASIO to produce a custom G-SHOCK DW-5600E.

Design features include:

- Custom detailing on the face;
- The phrase “ALIFE STATE OF MIND” etched on the wristband;
- The ALIFE SESSIONS logo on the back casing;
- Custom packaging.

This second ALIFE CASIO G-SHOCK collaboration is limited to 100 pieces, and will be available this Saturday, February 7th exclusively at ALIFE NYC, ALIFE BC and ALIFE LA Flagships.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

DQM x Casio G-Shock DW-6900

dqm casio gshock dw 6900 watch DQM x Casio G Shock DW 6900   A Closer Look

New looks into the latest collaborative capsule featuring DQM and Casio have surfaced. DQM has kept things simple and minimalistic based on a white and black colorway. Touches of DQM red are seen marking the dial and backlight. Aside from DQM, the collection also includes another release with LRG. Look for this particular joint to drop soon.